Daily Makup/Easy Makeup: Brown Smokey Eyes by Sreenanda Shankar

I used the the Bobbi Brown peach corrector wherever needed.

I have used the Urban Decay Born To Run Palette here and the shades have been mentioned.

Please feel free to use any other brand of makeup as long as the shades are close. Everything I use can be found in different brands. Just follow the technique here.

I’m used a dark brown eye shadow on my upper eye lid. On the crease line use a lighter brown so that there are no harsh lines.

I used the Nykaa eyeM Kajal in my lower water line and smudged it with a smudge brush. Further smudged the kohl with a brown eye shadow.

Since during this tutorial I had lash extensions I used a lash gel. Use a nice mascara instead.

Set your eyebrows with a transparent gel and use a champagne shade on the brow bone. Eye makeup done!

I used some studio finish concealer by MAC wherever required on my face without layering it up. Then I just used the Bobbi Brown Skin Weightless Powder on top of that. So basically no liquid foundation.

Filled out my lips with a nude lip liner. Then I lined my lips further with a darker lip liner, here I have used no. 15 by Miss Claire. Since I’m doing a nude lip look I lined my lips further with the MAC “plum” lip liner.

Lipstick is “hepburn honey” by Charlotte Tilbury

Vamplify Gloss “anything but demure” by MAC

I used the a MAC contour palette which is shown in the video. Follow the technique and contour.

My blush on is “sunbasque” by MAC

I highlighted my face with the MAC Hyper Real Glow Palette.


  1. Dutta Devleena says:

    MAC CONTAINS LEAD . Do you know that. Be careful

  2. Dutta Devleena says:

    from where do you get your hair done and whose your stylist?

  3. Rupa Chowdhury says:

    U r so beautiful n graceful

  4. Lipika Podder says:

    Tumi NJ asecho…kintu dekha holo na bhebe kharap lagche..

  5. BangalGhoti'r Rannaghor says:


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