FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL GRWM (3 outfits, makeup, & hair)

hey guys!

i’m super excited for today’s video because i show you a back to school look! I CAN’T believe how fast summer has gone by, but with school starting it’s exciting for new clothes and supplies! in this video i show you 3 different outfit ideas for back to school, as well as my everyday makeup look and go- to hairstyle!

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  1. Tuva Carlson says:

    what camera do u use?

  2. Liesl Tunnah says:

    I have a uniform but it’s really cute and every Friday is dress down day so idrc

  3. Ciara Glover says:

    Do u like not have P.E lmao

  4. fatima says:

    This reminds me of your first video on this channel

  5. Jacob Summerson says:

    Love it

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